Eight Reasons Carpeting Still Makes Sense

5 February 2015
 Categories: Business, Blog

If you've been shopping for flooring recently, you know that there are a lot of new products on the market—everything from vinyl to laminate. However, one of the best, and most affordable, choices for flooring is still carpeting. Carpeting is not only easy on your budget, but it's versatile and easy to take care of.

Benefits to choosing carpeting

1. It's affordable. Carpeting is much less expensive than hardwood flooring, laminate or natural stone. The average carpeted floor costs between $1,640 and $2,532, about half of the price of hardwood.

2. It's very versatile. There's a type of carpeting to go with virtually every style room and every type of architecture. Carpeting comes in a whole rainbow of colors.

3. It's comfortable to walk on. Carpeting is soft on your feet when you walk on it. The padding below it provides a little cushion, unlike unyielding stone or hardwood.

4. It doesn't dent or crack. Unlike hardwood flooring or natural stone, carpeting doesn't dent or crack if you drop a heavy object on it. In addition, high heel shoes won't leave indentations in carpeting like they can on hardwood and vinyl.

5. It adds an extra layer of insulation. Carpeting adds an extra layer to insulate your rooms in the winter. It also helps create a sound barrier, keeping your conversation inside the room and the outside noise from disturbing you.

6. It's safer. Carpeting helps to cushion the impact if you fall on it. This could be an important consideration if you have older or younger members of your family in your household. In addition, carpeting doesn't become slippery and hazardous if you spill something on it like many other types of flooring do.

7. It's easy to take care of. Carpeting requires only frequent vacuuming to keep it looking its best. It doesn't require mopping or sealing like hardwood, vinyl or stone. In addition, most carpeting is treated with a stain-resistant coating so that most spills wipe right up without penetrating the carpet fibers.

8. It's easy to have installed. A good carpet installer can have your room carpeted in a matter of hours. That compares to days for hardwood or natural stone installation.

While carpeting may not be the right flooring choice for every home and every homeowner, this type of flooring is affordable, versatile and even helps to keep your rooms well-insulated. Call a flooring company that specializes in carpets, like Cloud Carpet One Floor & Home, to see what option works best for you.