Make Sure All Your Possessions Are Safe When You Use Self-Storage

17 December 2014
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Renting a storage unit is a great way to decrease the clutter in your house while still keeping the things that you really want. The units are clean. Most of them are climate controlled so that weather won't get into them and ruin your possessions. Self-storage units are also pretty safe. When you rent one, you can be pretty sure that all your stuff will be there when you want it. Ninety-nine times out of 100 there won't be any problems. However, there is that small possibility that someone will get into your unit and take your stuff. There are things that you can do to make sure that doesn't happen. 

Use a Locked Storage Facility

Some of the storage facilities are fenced and gated. That means that you need to have a key or code to get in. You may also have to identify yourself to get in the facility. Doing this may seem like an extra step to you, but the fact is that it protects your stuff. The facility you use may also have a check-in area. You may need to visit that area first and show your ID to get further access. 

Ask About the Facility's Security Measures

Find out if the facility has cameras or monitors that cover all the units, hallways, or drive-up access points. That way if someone does get into your unit there's a record. Also find out how long they keep the videos that come off the cameras. Some places will delete them after a week or 30 days. Also see if the doors to the individual units have alarm systems.

Put Your Valuables Out of Sight

Generally, if someone does get into the facility and opens up the units, they aren't going to want to spend a lot of time rooting around in the storage units to find the good stuff. They are going to want to be able to get in and out quickly. So, you want to make sure that none of your really valuable items aren't easily visible. Put those things towards the back, especially if they are easily portable. If those things are hidden by your other possessions or take some work to get to them, the thieves are going to be a lot less likely to go after them. 

Self-storage facilities, like those at King Arthur Self Storage, are generally very safe. However, it will never hurt you to spend a little extra time to make sure that everything you store will be very safe.