Strengthening Your Marriage With Christian Values

17 December 2014
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In marriage, it is important to have morals and values. Christian values and morals can help keep a marriage healthy and strong. Unfortunately, there are times when people's marriages will begin to falter and fail. When this happens it is important to examine the causes of such failures.

Some of the top reasons for divorce are financial issues, extramarital affairs and lack of communication. Each of these reasons for divorce can be counteracted with Christian values. Each one of these issues has a corresponding value that can be used to strengthen the marriage before it falls apart.

  1. Financial Issues and Prudence. There are many marriages that struggle with financial issues. Debt and overspending are the main contributors to these problems. The bible teaches to live with prudence and restraint. By doing so, you can help your marriage. Being prudent in financial matters means being wise with what has been given to you. Budgeting, living within your means and getting out of debt are ways that will relieve the financial pressures that you feel as a couple. Working on being prudent individually and with your spouse will strengthen your marriage and give you control over your finance.
  2. Extramarital Affairs and Faithfulness. Many couples will begin to fall away from each other and may even engage in extramarital activity. This will cause feelings of distrust and anger and will eventually lead to a marriage that ends in divorce. By working on being faithful, you can counteract the desires to engage in these activities. Faithfulness means that you will put aside any other desires and put your spouse first. You will work on trusting each other and will not put yourself in any compromising circumstances. You will cultivate a loving relationship with one another and commit yourselves only to each other.
  3. Lack of Communication and Thoughtfulness. Many marriages end in divorce because couples are poor at communicating with one another. In order to counteract a lack of communication, you can cultivate more thoughtfulness. By being more thoughtful and attentive to your spouse, you will learn to communicate. You will be genuinely interested in their well-being and will engage in trying to find out how you can best help them. Thoughtfulness will help your communication problems and will also cultivate more love in your relationship as you learn to put the other person first.

Although there are problems in every marriage, if you will strive to cultivate these Christian values, you will be able to overcome any problems. To help, you may also consider seeking the help of a good Christian marriage counselor from an organization like Center For Family Counseling Inc.