3 Ways You Can Make Your Jazz Dance Company More Profitable

5 March 2015
 Categories: Business, Blog

Whether you want more students in your jazz dance classes or you just want to create awareness for your company, being profitable is always your end goal. Here are 3 ways you can make your jazz dance company more successful than ever before.

Appeal to an older crowd

Baby boomers just hitting retirement age are ready to let loose and have fun, and are willing to spend some of their money to do so. Appeal to this crowd by teaching couples' jazz dance classes or having a jazz dance party with a luncheon afterwards once a month. Once your older students come in a few times, they will likely become regulars, and bring their friends with them. Appealing to this older clientele broadens your customer base, and you just may find older women bringing their daughters in for a swinging good time! This is a great change-up from teaching younger children who get bored with dance after a while, or have to quit lessons because their family cannot afford it anymore. An older student base can give you a larger and more reliable income.

Get involved in the community

Try hosting a jazz dance-off once a month in your area, and invite the community to come and be entertained for a small entry fee. Have flyers announcing the types of classes you offer and rates for newcomers, so you can advertise your business while you let the community show off their dance skills. Provide drinks and snack foods so people feel more inclined to stay a while, and provide prizes for the most create costume, best swinging skills, most daring footwork, and other prizes. You can't go wrong being a dance company that gets involved with the community, even if you make money while doing it.

Branch out to other businesses

As a jazz dance company, you can have ties with many local businesses, which ultimately helps everyone succeed. For instance, you can connect children interested in jazz to your local music store so they can explore music and instruments that inspire their dance of choice. You can advertise custom costume designs from a talented local seamstress who can alter or create jazz costumes from scratch. These companies can in turn recommend you to their clients so everyone can benefit mutually. Creating ties with businesses that are even loosely related to yours can help boost profits for you in big ways.

Owning a jazz dance company like Debbie's Dance Studio can mean big profits for you if you know how to play your cards right. Use these tips to help your business succeed in whole new ways.