Revamping Worn Office Furniture Into Pieces Of Art

25 July 2015
 Categories: Business, Blog

If you work in an office and you are not in public view, you may want to think about fixing up your old pieces of office furniture to suit your personality. Worn office furniture can be turned into whimsical pieces that will be appreciated by you and your coworkers as they add fun and flair to a bland office space. Here are a few ideas you can use when sprucing up old pieces of furniture yourself, giving you the office everyone else in the company will wish was their own.

Make Your Desk The Focal Point

The desk is most likely the area where spend most of your time during the day. To make this the focal point of your office, consider painting it a shade you would not normally see in an office setting, such as a royal purple or bright green. Stick with one color so it does not become an eyesore when someone opens the door to peer inside. A bright color can work wonders for a bland room. Simply sand down wood portions of the desk and paint by hand. If you have metal portions, these can be painted in the same shade. Remove all hardware and replace with new pieces in a contrasting color. 

Add Some Retro Chair Covers

Search for fabric in a fun pattern with your desk color incorporated so you can match your chair covers nicely. Reupholstering your chairs with vinyl coverings with bright splashes of color will give your office a throwback disco look. Remove your old seat cushions by turning chairs upside-down. Unscrew each base from the frame and carefully cut the seat cushion coverings off of the cushions. Use this material as your guideline by tracing it on your new vinyl pieces so you have the correct sizing. Cut out and wrap around the cushion. Use staples to adhere to the bottom of the wood base and screw back onto the frame. Everyone will be excited to sit in your chairs!

Give Your Filing Cabinets Some Flair

Consider making your filing cabinets into works of art by gluing a collection of pictures all over their surfaces. Find some fun office pictures of your fellow employees and your boss. Mount each one on pieces of bright card stock in colors that match your desk and chairs. Glue these directly to your filing cabinets in a collage format. Use polyurethane to seal the photos onto the furniture so they stay in place. This will make looking for files fun, as you will be able to look back at the past and reminisce about times in the office with your friends!

If your office is open to the public, you can still find stylish, unique and professional commercial furniture from a variety of stores.