First Time Hailing An Airport Taxi? 4 Tips That Will Make The Experience Easier

1 September 2015
 Categories: Business, Blog

If you're not going to have a car waiting at the airport when you arrive, grabbing a taxi is the best way to get where you're going. Most major airports have taxis waiting outside for passengers. If it's your first time traveling alone, hailing a taxi can be confusing. If you're about to take off on a trip that will have you hailing a taxi for the first time, here are some tips that will help make the trip less stressful for you.

Have Your Luggage with You

When you step to the curb to hail a taxi, be sure you have your luggage with you. There are a few reasons why you'll want to do that. First, airport security requires that you keep your luggage with you at all times. Second, having your luggage with you will prevent someone else from taking your cab while you retrieve your luggage. Finally, it will prevent your luggage from being stolen while you are focused on hailing the taxi. 

Know Where You're Going

As soon as you get in the taxi, the meter is going to start running and the driver is going to ask where you're going. Not knowing where you're going right away can cost you extra money while the driver waits for you to tell them where to go. Have your destination written down so you can give the information to the driver as soon as you climb in the taxi.

Be Prepared With Cash

If you know you'll be taking a taxi when you arrive at the airport, be prepared with cash. Many taxi drivers will not accept credit cards. It's also a good idea to have small bills. For safety purposes, most taxi drivers do not carry large amounts of cash on them, which means they won't have change if you try to pay them with a large bill.

Don't Forget the Tip

Cab drivers depend on tips. They may make an hourly or per-person wage for their work, the bulk of their income comes from tips. Have a few dollars on hand to leave as a tip when you arrive at your destination. If you don't have spare cash, have the driver keep the change from your fare.

Hailing a taxi for the first time doesn't have to be confusing or stressful. The simple tips provided above will help you make your first cab ride an enjoyable experience.

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