3 Tips To Avoid Added Rental Fees When Renting A Skid Steer Loader

2 November 2015
 Categories: Business, Blog

A skid steer loader can be handy for a host of different projects, and renting one from a company like Summit Tool Rentals Division Of Wirtz Rentals can be a great way to use one without having to buy it. The rental fees most companies charge are quite reasonable, but the cost can be driven up if you aren't careful about avoiding fees. These are some of the easiest ways to avoid getting charged extra rental fees when you rent a skid steer loader.

1. Pick it Up Yourself

First of all, you should know that many equipment rental companies will deliver your skid steer loader to your home or construction site if you need them to. This can be a handy service, but you will generally be expected to pay for it. If you have a truck and a trailer, you can save money on delivery fees by picking it up yourself.

2. Watch the Time

Check your contract or talk to someone from the rental company about the amount of time that you are able to use the rental without being charged an overuse fee. For example, even if you keep it for a whole week, you might be restricted to only using for eight hours each day. Keep an eye on the time and ensure that you work efficiently when you're using it to avoid these extra charges.

3. Return it Right

When returning the skid steer loader, make sure that you return it the right way. Find out what time you are supposed to return it, and do so as you are supposed to to avoid getting charged a fee for returning it late. Beforehand, however, make sure that you take the time to spray it down with a water hose to get rid of caked-on dirt and mud, and fill it up with diesel fuel to at least the same amount of fuel that it had when you first got it to your construction site. These things don't take long but can save you money on late fees, cleaning fees and refueling fees, which can really add up.

As you can see, it is entirely possible to avoid the added rental fees that you could otherwise be stuck with when renting a skid steer loader. If you want to keep rental fees down, follow these three tips when picking up, using and returning your skid steer loader. This can help keep the cost of renting it affordable.