Three Ways To Turn Your Self-Storage Unit Into A Personal Retreat

28 December 2015
 Categories: Business, Blog

Whether you run a busy household or you simply need a place to get away from the hectic pace of everyday life, finding a quiet personal retreat can be just the thing to nourish the body and soul. One way you can create this personal space away from home is to rent a self-storage unit. There are several ways you can transform a storage unit at a facility like into your own private retreat. Here are just a few creative options for how you can use your storage unit.

Yoga Studio

If you love to do yoga as a way to relax, you can use a self-storage unit as your personal yoga studio. You'll want to choose a storage unit at a climate-controlled facility so your yoga sessions are comfortable. Place a small storage container or a dresser in the unit to hold your yoga mats and accessories, and bring in a small portable radio or boom box so you can listen to soothing music as you stretch and pose your way to a healthier, happier you.

Crafting Studio

Using a self-storage unit as a crafting studio gives you the chance to work on your favorite crafting projects without interruptions from kids or pets. Be sure to select a storage unit with electrical outlets so you can plug in a sewing machine, hot glue guns or other crafting gadgets. Add a crafting table to the center of the room, and add free-standing shelving units to the walls so you can organize your supplies. Dedicate a few shelves to storing your finished projects or items that need to dry before they are complete. If sewing clothes or quilting are your passions, add a rolling garment rack with hangers to the unit so you can hang your latest creations until they are ready to use. Since your storage unit offers space for all your materials, you can keep your home free from crafting clutter while creating a space to practice your hobby.


If you love reading and collecting books, you can use your storage unit as a quiet library space. Line the walls with bookcases to create the look and feel of a library, and organize your books according to your preferences. You can use a label maker to label each shelf for easy organization. Be sure to have a archival book covers on hand for your antique or collectible books, and select a climate-controlled unit to help preserve your treasured collection. Bring a cozy armchair or recliner into the space along with a reading lamp and side table to create a cozy reading nook. You'll be able to spend hours pouring over your favorite volumes, plus you'll have a great place to keep your collection where it won't be damaged by tenacious toddlers or playful pets.

Use these ideas as inspiration to help create a personal space that lets you retreat from the outside world while enjoying your favorite activities or hobbies. You'll get a quiet place to relax with the convenience of storing your hobby supplies away from your home.