Modifications To Your Menu That Can Boost Your Profit

13 January 2016
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You might notice that your restaurant has a large number of customers. However, despite this, you're barely breaking even. Once you have ruled out other causes, such as employee theft or a spike in your rent, you should consider that you are not selling your menu items in a manner that is profitable. If you modify your prices, remove unnecessary menu items, and change your menu design, you can entice customers to purchase food items that have the highest profit margin.

Cost Your Menu Items

Before adding an item to the menu, you must cost it. This is the process of breaking down how much each ingredient costs to find out the minimum cost of your menu item. Many restaurant owners make the mistake of guessing how much they'd expect customers to pay for menu items. However, if you aren't even breaking even because of the low price, you'll be in the red.

Raise The Prices Of Your Menu Items

Once you've figured out how much a menu item costs, force yourself to raise it to a level where you can generate a profit. If your customers stop purchasing the menu item, it may have never been right for your clientele in the first place.

Place Certain Items In The Right Location

Most restaurant-goers will look at the center of the menu and then will look to the top-left or top-right. Therefore, if you place the menu items you most want your customers to order, they will be more likely to see and order them. These will usually be the items that have the largest profit margin.

Use Images And Symbols

Another way to draw attention to menu items is to use pictures or symbols. Enticing menu items can make it more likely for customers to purchase them. But another option is a simple graphic, such as a fish or cupcake.

Slim Down Your Menu

You might want to add as many dishes as possible to your menu, but if your menu is too long, you will not be able to make use of white space, which makes it easier for your customers to comprehend your menu. Also, you do not want to have so many items that it is difficult for your kitchen staff to remember how to cook each one and too many items will require that you purchase a much larger quantity of ingredients, many of which may expire.

If you're looking to print new menus that will be more enticing to your customers, see or visit a local printer today.