What Are Some Different Types Of Beach Weddings?

22 February 2016
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When it comes to outdoor weddings, beach weddings are among the most popular. You get the smell of the ocean, the feel of sand underneath your feet, and the beautiful view. It can be a way to have a budget-friendly wedding that has unforgettable scenery. Here are some different types of beach weddings to consider.

Casual Beach Wedding

The basic beach wedding is one that is casual and often smaller than traditional church weddings. You and your guests can either wear sandals or go barefoot. The wedding dress is often more of a casual dress instead of one with a lot of ruffles and lace, and a long train. You might want to have the groom and groomsmen wear button-up shirts and slacks instead of tuxedos, or light-coloured suits. This type of wedding can often be performed in any beach area, instead of requiring a hotel or other attraction nearby. This also gives you opportunities to rent tables, chairs, tents, or other items for the wedding from a company like Area Rent-Alls Equip Rental.

Fancy Beach Wedding

It is also possible to have a more high-end and upscale wedding that is still on the beach. This will include setting up a reception area outdoors, such as having the wedding in an area close to outdoor tables and benches. You can choose a quality arbor to place above the ceremony area, and even have a long silk walkway placed down the makeshift aisle. You can have people dress in more traditional wedding attire, such as tuxedos and dresses.

Hotel Beach Wedding

Another way to have a nice beach wedding is by choosing a private beach that is located near a fancy hotel. This will benefit you for a variety of reasons. First of all, it gives you, your wedding party, and the wedding guests somewhere to stay if it is not close to home. You and your spouse can reserve a honeymoon suite, while out-of-town guests are able to stay close. Many hotels also provide beach wedding packages, where they will provide a private spot on the beach for the wedding, arrange food and drinks, and even decorate the area with flowers of your choice.

Restaurant Beach Wedding

You may also want to choose a restaurant near a beach in order to have them cater the wedding for you. Choose an upscale restaurant that is right on the beach, as they will also provide a special place for you to have a private ceremony, then celebrate at the restaurant with a nice and cozy reception.