How to Revamp Cardboard Boxes into Functional Household Items

30 March 2016
 Categories: Business, Blog

Most people use cardboard boxes at one time or another, whether it is to haul items from area to area or as a packaging material. Instead of breaking down used cardboard boxes to send off to a recycling center, try making them into items to use around your home. Here are some fun ways to revitalize a plain cardboard box into something handy.

Make Decorative Storage Bins

Instead of purchasing plastic or wood bins to hold items, consider making decorative storage containers from used cardboard boxes. These can be decorated using a pleasing fabric print. Simply cut fabric to fit each side of the box & glue into place. Glue pieces of ribbon over the edges so the cuts in the material are hidden underneath. Tuck the ends of the ribbon inside or to the bottom of the box so they are out of view. Be sure to keep these bins inside as they will become ruined if they get wet.

Construct Your Own Planter

Consider making a planter to hold some colorful blooms or as a holding area for vegetables before you replant them outdoors. This is a great way to display your vegetation in a screened in porch or room in your home. Slip a garbage bag inside your cardboard box. Tape the edges of the bag to the exterior sides of the cardboard container. If there are wrinkles in the plastic, do not worry as they will be covered from view. 

Using a paintbrush, add glue to each of the four sides of the box so it is completely covered. Glue an end of thick twine to the bottom edge of the box. Wind it around the perimeter of the box, pressing it into the glue as you go. Work your way up the cardboard container, winding & pressing the twine until the entire box is covered. You can then cut the end of the twine. Fill the plastic bag with potting soil & add your plants.

Construct Some Cutouts For Use

Instead of using a cardboard box as a whole, cut it into pieces to utilize for small projects around the home. Cut out a kidney-shaped piece of cardboard, use a utility knife to add a thumb hole, & you have an instant palette to use when painting. Cut out several small rectangular pieces, punch a hole at one end & you have some gift tags to attach to packages. 

Create a Unique Picture Frame

Use the sides of a cardboard box to construct a picture frame. First, cut apart the box so all four sides are separate pieces. Cut a smaller square or rectangle out of the middle portion of one of these pieces. Glue three sides of this "frame" piece to the top of one of the other sides of the box. Paint the cardboard, cover it with decorative paper, or add adornments such as glitter or rhinestones. Slide a photo in between the cardboard layers & enjoy displaying it in a homemade frame.

For more ideas, contact paper & packaging suppliers.