3 Things You Should Do When Buying A New Business For Safety

9 May 2016
 Categories: Business, Blog

Taking over an existing business is a great way to build a new venture easily. You get a building, inventory, and customers who are loyal to a service that is already known in the community. As you undergo your new adventure, here are 3 things you need to do to make your business safer.

Change the locks

You may have received all the keys and codes to your building, but getting the locks changed is a great way to add security and peace of mind. After all, you never know who may have made copies of existing keys or which employees have their own set or access to coded rooms. A locksmith can change all your building's locks, ensuring that you are the only one who has access to any keys, and can recommend types of locks to keep your business safe. Types of locks you can consider include:

  • key code locks for the main entry doors
  • deadbolt locks for back or alley doors
  • traditional locks for interior doors where keys cannot be remade

Install safety glass

Safety glass serves many purposes for your business. It helps prevent break-ins and can help protect your building against weather damage as well. There are many strengths of safety glass to choose from, from laminated styles to tempered glass, to provide various levels of security for your building. It's wise to install safety glass in your main windows and in your entry door. Your locksmith may provide this service or may be able to refer you to a company who can update your windows for you.

Upgrade your alarm system

Your building likely already comes with an alarm system, but you want to make sure you choose a security system that you can feel confident with. A wireless security system allows you to watch your building at all times from a device or smart phone, even when you are away from your business. Get familiar with your building's current alarm system and see if any upgrades would make you feel more comfortable, such as motion sensor entryways or additional cameras in high-traffic areas.

When you buy a new business you want to make sure you keep your building safe. As a new owner, you want to change the locks so you know who has ownership of keys and special codes, as well as taking other measures. This way, you can feel confident that your building is protected to your specifications.