Mapping Out Your Storage Unit Needs - Four Questions To Ask

27 May 2016
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If you are having trouble getting your things packed and moved to a storage facility, your own personal needs and interests should be taken into account. By thinking through the process before you fill up your self storage unit, you'll be more likely to use this space wisely. Here are four questions you should ask yourself when mapping out your self storage unit.

1. Will You Need to Access Items Regularly?

The amount of access to your items needed will directly dictate how you pack items. If you will be pulling items and replacing things quite a bit, you might want to opt for shelving rather than keeping things in boxes that are hard to access. If you will need to access your space weekly or even monthly, a storage facility located near your home will be your best bet, even if this costs a little extra.

2. How Will You Reassess in a Year?

Reevaluating your storage unit and having things clearly labeled is important. Your stored items won't do you much good if you pack up items and don't revisit these for years. If you can label and date boxes, you can have a plan to review items in storage on a yearly basis. At that point, you can throw out or donate things you realize you don't actually need down the line.

3. Will Items Fit in the Storage Unit Rented?

Before you rent a specific sized storage unit, be sure to measure furnishings and count boxes ahead of time. The last thing you want is to show up at your storage facility with a couch that is three inches too long for the space. If you can size up all of your items before committing to a unit in a storage facility, you won't run into problems on the day of your storage move-in.

4. What do You Need from Your Storage Facility?

Depending on what you are storing will dictate what perks you should look for in a facility. If you will be accessing your unit alone or at night, security should be a factor in your decision making. If you're storing items of value or electronics, you might want to look into a storage facility that offers climate-controlled units.

By asking yourself questions related to your personal needs for self storage, you will be more likely to find a space that can work well for you. By keeping your items safe, accessible, and current, you will have better luck in choosing the right storage option for your items. For more information, contact companies like Statewide Self Storage.