4 Tips That Will Help You Reduce Injures On Your Farm

4 July 2016
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As a farmer, you have to carry a large range of different types of insurance. The cost of all these insurances can really add up. One way that you can reduce the cost of insurance that you pay for your farming equipment, property and employee liability coverage is by reducing and preventing injuries on your farm. Here are four tips that will help you do that.

#1 Only Use Equipment As Intended

One of the best ways that you can reduce injures on your farm is by using the equipment only for what it was designed for. That means that you should never overload your equipment, or use it to clear a larger area of land that it was designed to handle in a day. Make sure that your read the owner's manual that comes with your farm equipment and that you have a solid grasp of the limitations of your equipment.

If you don't have the right piece of equipment for a particular job, don't make your equipment work; rent what you need for the day. It is worth it to avoid someone getting injured or your equipment breaking down because you were using it on something that it wasn't intended for.

#2 Always Be Cautious Around Equipment

You should always be cautious and careful around your equipment. You should teach everyone who works on your farm or spends time on your farm the appropriate distance to stay away from your farm equipment when it is in use. When your farmer workers are walking around, make sure that they wear reflective clothing as well, so that whomever is operating the equipment will be able to easily see and spot them. Awareness on both ends is what you need if want to avoid injuries.

#3 Avoid Working Alone Without Reliable Communication

You should never work alone on farming equipment without reliable communication. You need to be able to call for assistance or help if something goes wrong. It is a good idea to keep both a phone and a walkie-talkie on you so that you have multiple means of calling for assistance when you are working by yourself. Make sure that all of your workers follow the same policy.

#4 Work Around Poor Weather

Finally, be vigilant about checking out the weather. If you know that a thunderstorm is supposed to roll in during the afternoon, get all of your work done with your equipment early in the morning. As a farmer, it is your duty to check the weather and work around the weather as it comes up. You or your workers should never be operating equipment when it is seriously storming outside.

By following the four tips above, you should be able to reduce the number of injuries that occur on your farm, and thus help lower your insurance premiums over time. Talk to your insurance agent like one from Western Reserve Group about more ways you can reduce your farm's insurance costs.