All The Costs You Need To Prepare For When Planning An Unexpected Funeral

4 July 2016
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If a loved one has unexpected passed away, and you are responsible for planning and taking care of their funeral and burial, here is a quick overview of the different costs that you are going to be responsible for.

#1 Burial Method

The first major cost that you are responsible for is the burial method. The two primary burial methods are a coffin or a urn.

Coffin & Preparing The Body: If you decide to have your loved one buried in the ground, they are going to need a coffin. You can purchase a really simple coffin made out of wood, or you can purchase a more elaborate coffin that has more decorations. The important thing to keep in mind is that the coffin storing their body and once it is in the ground, no one will be able to see the elaborate decorations on the outside of the coffin. If you decide to bury your loved one, you will also need to have someone prepare the body for burial. They will clean the body and get it ready for it to go into the ground. If you are having a viewing or an open-coffin funeral they will also put make-up on your loved one and make them presentable.

Urn & Cremation Costs: Your other choice is to have your loved one cremated. If you choice this option, you will have to have their body cremated and you will have to pay for that process. You will then need to purchase something to store their ashes in. There are a wide variety of urns on the market that come in at all sorts of different price points, so you should be able to find something that you can afford. When shopping for an urn, remember to ask the cremator about the weight and mass of your loved one's ashes so that you purchase an urn that is large enough to hold them.

#2 Resting Place

The second major cost that you responsible for is your loved one's resting place

Grave & Grave Stone: If you decide to bury your loved one in a coffin, you are going to need to purchase a gravesite for them. You are also going to need to purchase a grave stone or some sort of marker to identify where their plot is located.

Cost To Go To Location To Scatter Ashes: If you loved one wanted to be cremated, you need to factor in the cost of going to the location where you know they would want their ashes to be scattered. Otherwise, if you wish to store ashes at a cemetery, you will need to talk to the funeral home about potential costs. 

#3 Service

The last major cost that you are responsible for is the service. This cost can vary greatly depending on what type of service you do for your loved one. If you hold one at a funeral home, you will have to pay for the use of the funeral home. If you want a minister to be present, you are going to need to compensate them as well.

Essentially, you will be responsible for paying for the venue and for any religious speaker that you ask to say the last words for your loved one.

If this is out of your budget, celebrations of life where everyone comes together at a house or park, brings potluck foods, and shares memories have also become very popular alternatives to traditional services. For more information, contact a company like Friedrichs Funeral Home.